North SLC Academy

Volleyball Training

Christmas Holiday Workshop

This 3-day class will cover passing footwork, movement patterns, throwing/attacking mechanics, attack footwork and serving.

When:  December 27-29th 10:00am-12:00noon  Cost:  $70


CLUB V DEVELOPMENTAL TRAINING PROGRAMS                                                                 

Club V Academy was designed to give boys and girls (ages 6-15 years) a solid foundation of technical volleyball skills which will enable them to compete on a developmental club team.   Once a player has completed our Club Team Training level, he/she will be placed on a club team by age.    It is an Achievement based program.  When the participant has mastered the skills in their current class level, they will move up to the next level even if it's during a session.  Our program runs August-May with 4-day camps offered throughout the summer months. 

There are five sessions and each lasts for six weeks and ends with a Learning Progress Evaluation during the last class. Players are encouraged to begin with Foundations unless an assesment is requested to participate in a higher level.  Once a week options are available.  (See below)

The cost for all Academy Training is less than $12/training hour.  

We want every participant to train with athletes at their same skill level.  If you want to skip class levels, please contact the youth director to schedule an assessment.

Location:  Utah Athletic Center 51 S Riverbend Way North SLC

Director of Youth Development:  Juliane Langhaim    801.493.9360   


Foundations of Volleyball (formerly level 1/2)

(The Nuts and Bolts of the game)

When:  Monday/Wednesday 430-600pm     Cost:  $195          (1) Practice shirt included

6-week program will provide detailed instruction in movement patterns, passing, angles, mechanics of throwing, catching and serving. (for session dates and registration, see below)


Fundamentals of Volleyball (formerly L2/3, successful completion of Foundations or by assessment)

Learn the essential skills necessary for becoming a great player.  To enter this class, participants should know 10-direction passing footwork and angles and have good serving mechanics.

When:  Monday/Wednesday 6:00-7:30pm  Cost:  $195 (Practice shirt included)

6-week program will provide detailed instruction in Attacking, Offense/Defense Transition, Defense, Setting and Combining Skills for game play (for session dates and registration, see below)


Club Team Training (Successful completion of Foundations and Fundamentals or by assessment) for session dates and registration, see below

Participants will gain understanding of offense/defense transition, serve receive rotations using a 2-setter offense, jump serving and game strategy

When:  Tues/Thurs 430-600 pm  (18 training hours)   Cost:  $195  (Practice shirt included)


Competition Club Teams (players must complete Club Team Training to enroll)

Players will choose a position and be placed on a team with players of similar age and playing level.  Each team will compete in four Saturday tournaments, one each month (February-May)

Practices:  Tuesday/Thurs 600-730pm  Cost:  $250/month (Feb-May)

Includes: 48 training hours, 3 position clinics, tournaments (1 each month), coach, practice shirt, game jersey and kneepads


Session 1:  Sep 6-Oct 16

Session 2:  Nov 1-Dec 11     *No class Wed 11/22 or Sat 11/25 due to Thanksgiving holiday

Session 3:  Jan 3-Feb 7

Session 4:  Feb 12-Mar 21

Session 5:  Apr 9-May 17 (Club Team season ends with All Star Game on Wed May 23rd)




Two Skill Tuesdays    

Brief Introduction to basic VB skills.  Two components of the game will be taught each week

When:  Tuesdays 600-730pm (Jan 2-Feb 6  )  Cost:  $95

(Must have a minimum of six participants)

Week 1:  Movement Patterns, Passing Angles

Week 2:  Throwing Mechanics/Catching, Serving

Week 3:  Attack Footwork and Armswing, Defense to Offense Transition

Week 4:  Digging, Blocking

Week 5:  Defensive Positioning, Setting

Week 6:  Serve Receive and 6 on 6 Play


Saturday Foundations (Once a week training for 6 weeks) 900-1030am Cost:  $95

Saturday Classes will resume late spring 2018  (April 21-May 26)


VolleyKidzz   (This is a parent participation class for boys and girls ages 5-8  years)

What is Learned  Volleyball Lead Up Skills, Agility, Development of Eye-hand Coordination and Footwork Patterns

When  Monday evenings 5:30-6:30pm       (Minimum of 6 participants)  

Cost :   $45 (4 classes) contact Juliane if interested 801.493.9360