Club V Programs

At Club V, we offer several types of teams to accommodate the development of each player.  Each player has different needs and our focus is to help them grow from where they are to where they want to be.  We have several different levels of competition, each with a different focus. At all levels, regardless of the amount of playing time, each player receives quality instruction from coaches that care about their development and that foster a positive and sportsmanlike environment. We have a training and management structure in place that ensures coaches are developing and progressing each athlete.

Club V Structure

Club V Training

There is a trend in youth sports that puts the focus squarely on winning – in other words, scoring more points than the other team.  Coaches, parents, and players scream at refs, yell at teammates, all for that elusive title of being better than someone else. 

The problem is that you can play bad and still win and play well and still lose.  At the end of the day, you can’t control whether you win or lose.  All you can do is do your very best and the score will take care of itself.  If your best is better than the other team’s best, you win.  If it is not, you lose.  Simple as that.  So what is our focus?  Doing your best. 

We focus on player development at all levels using character based training to develop kids into better people, athletes, students, and players.  As of September 25th, we have sent 112 girls to play in college within 7 senior classes from all our 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s teams.  Why?  College coaches need good people, athletes, students, and players and they look to the place where the athletes get that sort of attention and development.  They need them to handle the intense rigor of being a collegiate student athlete.    

Club V Premiere

Club V Premiere is designed to develop and train athletes to compete at the next level of their development (College and School Teams).  The Premiere Program is for players with a solid skill base who wish to play collegiately, be a contributor in their high school program, or a contributor on their junior high teams.  We limit the number of athletes in each program to create the most competitive teams and develop the most competitive players.  Athletes will be placed according to their skill and athletic abilities, as well as their commitment level. 


Club V Academy

Club V Academy is designed to help athletes fall in love with the sport of volleyball and learn the basic skills necessary to participate at higher, more competitive levels.  The Academy Program is for players who need more attention developing basic skills and tactical understanding of volleyball (ie. serving, passing, spiking, defensive positioning, rotations, etc…).  We do NOT “cut” athletes in the academy.  The goal of the Academy is to prepare athletes for Premiere Teams and the participation on school teams.