Club V Programs

Club V Structure

Club V Training

We are all about growth.  Personal, team, coaches, parents, admin, you name it – we want to be better than when we started.  Fun for us is getting better – setting a goal, working hard, and having a healthy pursuit to achieve it.  Some have high lofty goals which require more time; others have goals that require less time.  Whether you are committed to play for a top 10 college team or looking to make a Jr High School team – your time and effort is up to you.  However, our methods and training has produced over 300 Utah High School All State Players, over 20 All Americans, & over 200 that have or are playing in college.  In 2017, every single 6A 1st Team All State Player came from Club V.  Why waste your time and money with anything but training that has a proven track record?      

This is what we do.  We are eternal coaches, teachers, and mentors.  A man was walking by 3 brick layers and asked each of them what they were doing.  The first man replied, “I am laying bricks.”  The second man replied, “I am building a church.”  The third man replied, “I am building a Church of God.”  We are not just teaching volleyball.  We are not just building athletes.  We are creating dynamic young men and women who will learn to work hard, accomplish goals, build confidence, be great teammates, learn discipline, and learn to be the best versions of themselves through the sport of volleyball.  Athletes will learn to take ownership of their growth – in all aspects of their lives.  We exist to help athletes achieve. 

Developmental Training Sessions (DTS)

New this year, we provide what is called our Developmental Training System (DTS). These are highly technical, high reps, high feedback training sessions that take place Monday – Thursday, 3 Sessions a day with our very experienced, best coaches in the club.  Training times are from 4-5:30, 6-7:30, 8-9:30.  Each coach and court will have a different focus and athletes are able to choose what they would like to work on. For example, we would have a setting court where all of our setters would gets hundreds of reps setting the ball, focusing on specific techniques for that session.  DTS sessions are designed to help athletes train in deliberate practice. 

We focus on player development at all levels using character based training to develop kids into better people, athletes, students, and players.  As of August 31st, 2018 we have sent over 200 girls and counting to play in college.   These athletes come from all our 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s teams.  Why?  College coaches need good people, athletes, students, and players and they look to the place where the athletes get that sort of attention and development.  They need them to handle the intense rigor of being a collegiate student athlete.    

The Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental, Character (TTPMC) Model

We focus on the whole athlete.  The game of volleyball and life requires a balanced approach to growth.  If you only focus on technical training, you may not learn how to compete under pressure or deal with setbacks.  If you only focus on tactical training (decision making), you won’t be able to perform tactically what you can’t do technically. 

We focus on developing players in each of the following ways:

1.) Technical Training – We work with college & Olympic coaches to teach the most current, correct technique.  Our DTS training will be run by our top coaches to make sure players are getting cutting edge instruction.  This will help athletes improve faster and more efficiently. 


2.) Tactical Training – Team practices will focus on tactical decision making and competition.  Where to serve, who to set, where to hit, where to play defense.  As players get better technically, they will learn how to make better tactical decisions. 


3.) Physical Development – We provide and hold the players accountable to eating healthy and doing the right workouts to help them increase their athleticism.  We have workouts, Monday-Thursday, from 5:30-6pm and 7:30-8pm.  Athletes are required to do the workouts!  Volleyball is one of the most athletic sports and requires a great deal of athletic movement.  Working out is imperative to becoming a great volleyball player (hence why every single college program works out) and why we have opportunities for athletes to workout each day if they want to. 


4.) Mental Development – We help athletes learn to focus & execute under pressure as well as teach them sports psychology principles that allows players to develop and progress faster.  These will take place during our DTS sessions and workouts. 


5.) Character Development – At the core of all the training is an athlete’s character.  A character athlete is one whose behavior remains the same no matter the circumstance (ie. They do their best even when they are losing, they are supportive of their teammates when they are not playing, they work hard, are disciplined, etc…).  We provide lessons and homework for the athletes to learn these life skills.