Player Development

Athlete Mental Training

This is the road map to success!  We will help you go from where you are to where you want to be!

Lesson 1 - Vision

Lesson 2 - Becoming

Lesson 3 - Goals

Lesson 4 - Preparation

Lesson 5 - Values & Standards

Lesson 6 - Discipline

Lesson 7 - Execution

Lesson 8 - Taking Responsibility

Lesson 9 - Developing Confidence


We believe in developing the "WHOLE" athlete.  What that means, is that we believe that strong character traits and values helps athletes:

- On the volleyball court (becoming the best player they can be)

- In the classroom (becoming the best student they can be)

- In social situations (where they learn to devleop values and discipline to make smart decisions - decisions determine destiny)

- Apply these skills and values in their relationships and future careers.

We have develoeped what is called the WHOLE ATHLETE TRAINING.  Please sign up today and start using the WHOLE ATHLETE (it's free - we just developed it).