We believe that no individual is more important than the team. It's like saying one daughter is more important than the other. However, as parents and players, we sometimes view the team as a stepping stone to get what we want instead of working together to achieve team goals. We can reach our goals as we keep the team's best interest at heart. A team and players will succeed as long as no one cares who gets the credit.


These laws are necessary to understand and develop teamwork within you organization.

John C. Maxwell


Everybody on the team must contribute to winning. Everything starts with a vision- You have to have a goal. Winning teams have players who put the good of the team ahead of themselves. They want to play in their areas of strength, but they’re willing to do what it takes to take care of the team. They are willing to sacrifice their role for the greater goal. If the vision for achieving the big picture is embraced by everyone in the group, then those people have the potential to become an effective team.


Winning Attitude- you have total control of your attitude. Be positive and be enthusiastic. Team matters more than the Individual- No one player is more important than the team. As Much as any team likes to measure itself by its best people, the truth is that the strength of the team is impacted by its weakest link. Allow for differences in lifestyles. Everyone on the team must take the journey- PUT ASIDE ALL PERSONAL AGENDAS AND ATTITUDES- everyone must be on the same mission.


Attitude - To win at a consistent level it takes talented people with the right attitude. Good attitudes among players do not guarantee a team’s success, but bad attitudes guarantee its failure. The winner’s edge is in the attitude. Attitudes have the power to lift up or tear down a team; there are plenty of talented teams out there who never amount to anything because of the attitudes of their players. This is always true- Bad attitudes are the result of selfishness. GET OUT OF YOURSELF AND INTO THE TEAM.


Accountability- Teammates must be able to count on each other at all times.

Character + Competence + Commitment + Consistency + Cohesion = Accountability.

When all team members embrace each of those five qualities within themselves and with one another, they can achieve the accountability necessary for a team to succeed. Accountability begins with character because it is based on trust, which is the foundation for all interaction with people. If you want your teammates to have confidence in you, where they know they can count on you day in and day out, then you must be consistent. NO EXCUSES!

The strength of a TEAM lies in its trust among teammates. You need to know for certain that you can count on your teammates and they need to know that they can count on you.


Pay the Price - Every team member must pay a price. There is no substitute for work. It is the price of success! There are no victories at bargain prices, if you want to reach your potential, you can never let up. To improve, change, or keep winning, as a group the team must pay a price, and so must the individuals on it. There is a cost of being part of a winning team Sacrifice, Time Commitment, Personal Development, unselfishness, and Open communication between players (parents) and coaches.

LAW OF THE PLAYMAKER (Catalyst - person or event that quickly causes change or action)

Always Compete - It takes no skill, speed, strength or ability to be a “6-second competitor.” A 6-second competitor is an attitude and a habit! Not every girl can start, but everyone can compete 100% of the time. Develop great work habits. Practice and play as hard as you can. ALL THE TIME! We need a team full of 6-second competitors. Focus on your work ethic, not others- all you control is the commitment that you are making.

Make things happen - Winning teams have players who make things happen, that is why a team that reaches its potential always possesses playmakers! Every team needs playmakers if it wants to win consistently. Playmakers have these common characteristics: COMMUNICATIVE, PASSIONATE, TALENTED, RESPONSIBLE, GENEROUS, COMMITTED, ACCOUNTABLE and INFLUENTIAL.

We cannot expect players to passionately care about the team, if our coaches do not passionately care about the players.